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About Us

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About Turf Blasters, Inc.

What started out as a new venture, to narrow in on our hydro-seeding market, has already grown in it's initial phases of development. Turf Blasters, Inc. was founded in 2011 to focus on the fast growing industry of hydro-seeding. We quickly found several niche markets to expand on Turf Blaster's services. Our focus, is on environmentally friendly products and practices that will help our customers save time and money. 

Installing new lawn/turf, is only a small fraction of what we can do for you. With our hydro-seeding equipment, we are able to apply a wide variety of applications. For instance, one may not think to call a hydro-seeding company for erosion control, or a soil contamination issues. However, as the oil and gas industries continue to frack more wells, we're projecting quite a bit of revenue from it. Not just from the erosion control and revegetation, but also from fracking fluid leaks/spills. Fracking fluid can leave the soil infertile. Turf Blasters has experts in soil fertility working on our team. We formulate environmentally safe solution to reverse ill effects of carbon, salts, and other minerals / toxins in soil, usually without having to excavate the contaminated area. We also offer alternitive daily covers (ADC) for landfills and spray-on pile coverings for outdoor storage piles such as cement clinker, ash, coal, and compost.


About our President/CEO

Hard work and dedication are just a few words to describe Douglas Holmgren, President and founder of Turf Blasters, Inc.

Doug dreamed of being an Entrepreneur since he was little and today his dream continues as reality. Doug was born and raised in Tea, South Dakota, where he continues to live with his wife and 5 children. The few hours Doug is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family camping, traveling, or just playing outside. He is a devoted husband to Michele of 13 years and tries to be at the basketball, soccer and cheerleading events his children are involved in.

Doug has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hydroseeding industry. Currently he serves as President of the International Assocation of Hydro-seeding Professionals (IAHP) and works with a network of more than 250 professional hydroseeding contractors worldwide. Doug is also an accomplished landscaper, knowledgeable and experienced in erosion control and "green" building techniques.
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